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Services and Installations

Full Central Heating Systems
The Government & British Gas recommend your Central Heating System does not exceed 14 years. By replacing you heating system, you are becoming more energy efficient and reducing the carbon emissions, and saving on heating costs.
There are so many different types, styles and sizes available for both boilers and radiators, right down to thermostatic control valves, it is very important the correct size is installed to cope with the size of your home. We establish this when we visit you and provide you with our professional recommendations.
Boiler Installations
Your boiler reaches a point where you should upgrade it, not only to become more energy efficient, but also reduce your costs on heating. We offer a variety of boilers, to suit the size of your home. The most preferred boiler to install is a Combination Boiler and we are authourised installers for Worcester Boilers - One of the leading boilers in the UK. We offer an exclusive 5 year warranty with Worcester Boilers.
It is vital you have your boiler installed by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer (formely known as Corgi Registered). check the register
Fires & Fireplaces
Looking to change your current fireplace? Simply select your new fireplace and we install it for you.
We deal with the installation of new Fires and Fireplaces, we do not keep stock due to the massive choice available.
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Safety is paramount to us. If you do not have these installed in your property we highly recommend this being done. Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas with not taste, colour or smell. It can be produced when any fossil fuel such as coal, wood or natural gas is burned and there is not enough air supply.
Carbon monoxide kills around 50 people every year and many more are seriously injured. It can escape into your room if a gas appliance is not installed correctly or serviced regularly. The law insists you have a gas safety check carried out on a yearly basis.
Full Flush Heating Systems
Sometimes heating sytems need a 'clear out', this flushes the pipes and the condensing system and can add to the life and efficiency of your heating, and can cost from £120.